We will remove the malware on your site FREE of charge

We also provide website and server management services, and we want to show you how well and how fast we can work. You can then decide if you want any additional services from us – no obligation !
This service is provided free of charge for every new business client.


We will remove the malware on your site FAST

We know how frustrating a hacked site is, and the impact this can have on your business. For this reason, our service is available when ever you need it. Just fill in the below form, and we’ll get to work on removing the malware immediately.


We support all the major plaforms

Whether your website is built on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop or any other plaform, we are confident we can remove the malware, and also provide best practice advise on how to help prevent another attack from happening.

In-Depth Scans

We complete a full in-depth scan before, and after to ensure we that we know what we are dealing with, and to confirm that we have removed all traces of malware.

Files and Database Check

Our process includes checking both the files and the databases for any malicious content. If something is found - we'll remove it promptly.

Expert Consultancy

Once your site is confirmed cleaned, we provide you with a detailed report as well as professional advice on future protection methods.

Blacklist Removal

We check your domain against over 100 different Blacklists and thanks to our industry contacts, we get you removed promptly - no more warning pages!

Lifetime Guarantee

If you choose to purchase our ongoing support plan, and should you get malware again, we'll clean it up free of charge for you for the life of your support plan.

Urgent Support

We understand the implications of having a hacked website, so we provide urgent assistance to all requests - no waiting for 24 hours to hear back from us!

To get started with your FREE Malware Removal, just fill out the following form and keep an eye out on your Inbox – you’ll receive further information there on how it works and the information we need from you.