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ECommerce Management

Struggling with ECommerce ?

Incus Technologies recently surveyed a number of small-medium sized UK Based Ecommerce stores and identified what key areas of Ecommerce that each business struggles with, and have launched a service aimed at taking this weight of their shoulders.
Problem 1.

Checkout Not Working

A non performing online store can have a number of issues, but the most devastating worry is when your site has done all the work to get a potential customer to the checkout, only to find its not working as it should, and the customer disappears never to be seen again. This is a sure way for any Ecommerce store to go bust very quickly.
Broken Checkout
Our Solution

Automated Checkout Verification

Checkout Verification

Utilizing a prearranged automated script, we can emulate a user going to your store, picking a product and going to the check-out. If any one of these steps were to fail, an alert is automatically raised for urgent follow up by our team.

Problem 2.

Too Many Updates

Updates to software (and server) platforms are released regularly to help ensure the security of your data. There are also product enhancements that get released often – so its in your best interest to ensure your store is kept up to date.

Of course, we appreciate that knowing that there is an update, and actually applying an update without it affecting your online store is a completely different story!

This is why numerous Ecommerce store owners trust Incus Technologies with the maintenance of their online store.
Too Many Updates
Our Solution

Patching, Testing, Release
- by Incus

By creating a duplicate copy of your existing site – a development environment – we can deploy the latest patches and releases, and comfortably test these for compatibility before pushing the changes to your live site.
This ensures no errors occur on your online store, and most importantly – a very reduced downtime period (if any)
Incus Technologies manages a number of different platforms and the combined experience of this helps every customer.

Problem 3.

Slow Site

Its pretty obvious that a slow site is not going to get many shoppers – competition is tough and consumers just don’t want to be spending their precious time waiting for a page to finally load up.

Recent surveys have found that
– 47% of consumers expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds
– 40% of people abandon a website if it needs more than 3 seconds to load
Slow Site
Our Solution

Optimizations, Speed Tests and Monitoring

Using our expertise and quality scripts, we can identify where the bottle necks are and make required changes to help you get below the 2 second mark that is so important.
Our continuous monitoring tools can pin point the times of the day the site experiences slow downs the most and also work out if a certain geographical area experiences pain points more than others.
We also employ specialist tools to run speed and stress test on your site to make sure the work we are doing will be applicable in an actual busy period – way before it gets busy.

The bottom line is that with our help, we can help your Ecommerce store succeed like never before!

Ecommerce Optimization
Problem 4.

No Support

Knowing how to install a new extension / plugin, or understanding the best way to change prices in bulk, can be a minefield.
Add on the attempts to create new categories and have them displayed where you want – its not surprising a lot of merchants give up before even going live!
No Support
Our Solution

Dedicated, Professional Support

Incus Technologies have been installing, setting up, and migrating Ecommerce sites for over 5 years, and combined with our training in Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and other platforms, we are in a great position to offer you support when and where you need it most.
Whether you require a new extension to be installed, or need to understand what a root category is, we are here to help.

Intensive Support for ECommerce Websites

Let us support your Online Store

Leave us your contact details and we'll get in touch and listen to your pain points and show you how we can help
Ecommerce Support

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