Nov 5, 2019

The Importance of WordPress Security

A WordPress website isn’t free from rules and regulations. There are laws like HIPAA and GDPR, which WordPress websites must follow. In addition to these laws, compliance requirements such as ISO 27001 or PCI DSS might also need to be complied with and might be different depending on the country you’re operating in.

What is regulatory compliance, and how does it help with WordPress security?
The main reason as to why compliance requirements exist is so that businesses can enjoy some security. There are many regulatory compliance requirements which are in place for various reasons. Businesses which don’t comply with these regulatory compliance's might suffer from penalties which could result in a couple of disadvantages such as a loss of accreditation or a loss of fines.
Many people incorrectly assume compliance to be security. Even if an organization is compliant, it doesn’t mean that it’s secure. However, if you look at it from another perspective, you’ll find that organizations which are secure tend to be compliant.
In short, WordPress security is helped by compliance because regulatory standards generally have a checklist of security requirements such as PCI, DSS, and HIPAA.
If you’re wondering about technical means of preventing things like customer data being leaked and so on, security defenses are your best bet.
How can you start with WordPress compliance?

There is a lot of information available for WordPress website owners when it comes to compliance. The following points will give you a place to start.

  • Look for the compliance requirements you’re bound to – Compliance requirements will vary significantly depending on the country you’re operating from. It would be wise to ask for professional help as there are many variables which depend on the size, complexity, and type of your online business.
  • Your security must be top-notch – Regulations demand that good security practices are required. Good security practices also have the advantage of making your life much more comfortable. Some good security practices are as follows.
  • Make sure you have a reliable backup solution in place.
  • An online firewall or a local WordPress security solution is a great place, to begin with, security preparations.
  • Your WordPress site must be regularly scanned for file changes.
  • Don’t go about compliance half-hardheartedly – It might be tough to go about compliance and security in the beginning. However, security and compliance lead to less resistance in the long run.

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