WordPress Specialists Based In The UK

We are a team of WordPress experts with vast experience in providing WordPress maintenance and monitoring services. Our services include Complete WordPress Management, Backups and Security Updates.

WordPress Content Management

Letting us update your content including new pages, blogs and logos. You kill two birds with one stone – you save time and specialists handle your site.

WordPress Backups, Security & Maintenance

With our regular backups, we make sure that your site is always safe. So if your website is a source of revenue, your interests are kept safe.

A Team of WordPress Experts Working For You

We take care of your WordPress maintenance, backups and all the other boring bits you haven’t got time to worry about!

WordPress Maintenance Package

Here’s what you get with your WordPress maintenance package:

  • Regular backups – we perform daily backups of all your content, this means that in case of anything, we can always restore it later.
  • Round the clock protection of your website and data against viruses, ransomware and malware through our powerful antivirus solutions.
  • Regular updates for your plugins, core files and even themes – By keeping tabs on your updates we ensure that your site never breaks.
  • Content management – We update pages, posts and other things you might want us to change.
  • Customized coding – We give you a good 1-hour per month where our highly skilled personnel perform design and coding tweaks.
  • Customer support – We have a team on standby ready to answer any question regarding WordPress you may have.
  • Last but not least, a team of experts in matters WordPress!

 Content Management


Fresh content drives traffic to your WordPress website. Instead of wasting time trying to find the right way to add content, email us the content you want to add and our experts will keep your website up to date.

Full Backups


We perform daily backup of your WordPress database and files. We ensure backup data is available to restore, in any eventuality of loss of data or corrupt data. We guarantee business continuity.

24/7 Security


Through our wordpress security team, we keep your site secure from hacking, malware and viruses. With our periodic maintenance and security checks, we ensure that your visitors and your data are safe with us.

 Update wordpress plugins


Plugins are a great asset in a WordPress site and can also break your site if not correctly installed and updated. Let us break a sweat as we keep your plugins updated and working optimally.

Customized code


We are here to improve your WordPress site by tweaking and customising your code to ensure that your site visitors enjoy the feel and keep coming back for more. Choose us and get 1 hour of code customisation.


Your core business is generating revenue as we keep your WordPress site updated and secured with regular updates.Let our experts do all the heavy lifting for you.

We offer all our services to small and large businesses as well as charities in the UK. With us, you get personalised support whenever you need any technical help.

From just £30 per site monthly, you get to save at minimum, 5-good hours each month.

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